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dispense control: A revolution in the tube market

DispenseControl offers the experience, functionality, style and reduced packaging that consumers want – while saving manufacturers money and materials.

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A forward-thinking ideas company

FW Dispensing is a network of professionals from different fields (engineering, product design, marketing) who turn bright ideas into working prototypes.

We combine a geeky passion for technical detail with sharp commercial insights to create innovative new products that will succeed in today’s world.

Our primary expertise is packaging solutions for the personal care and cosmetics markets, but the sky’s the limit.

We currently have patents pending for two products. The first, DispenseControl, is ready to go to market and we’re looking for partners to take it to the next level.

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Upcoming Projects

FW Dispensing has completed a feasibility study for a new application of the valve technology. We will now start with the next phase in which prototyping will take place. This will be done in collaboration with the following partners: Avon, Aarts Packaging and Ebenau. This project is made possible in part with the support of the Province of North Holland

A Revolution in personal care Packaging

Tubes are the #1 choice for consumer packaging. They’re light, space-efficient, robust and unbreakable and relatively inexpensive compared to other packaging. .

The only problem is that it’s difficult to control dispensing with tubes, particularly when the tube is low on contents. We believe it can be done better – and the solution is in our hands: say hello to DispenseControl.

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